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Working with Lean Six Sigma will require services that focus on the specific needs and goals of the company or person interested in it, which is why it is crucial to access the right solutions and guarantee the experts helping you—or anyone else—are well-trained and qualified to offer the desired results. At Lean Six Sigma Experts of Virginia, our main goal is to provide you with all the possible solutions when it comes to this methodology, which is why we have more than one or two main services to offer you.

For companies and organizations, their needs and goals might be covered by accessing consulting services or training for their workers, but for other people interested, LSS training might not be enough. But before getting there, we want to know: are you a company trying to integrate the methodology or a person interested in it as a way to boost your personal growth?

LSS Virginia Services

If you are a business trying to use Lean 6 Sigma, our solutions for you focus on providing you with well-experienced LSS consultants who understand how to implement the method and ensure you obtain results in no time. However, you can also opt for the option of developing talent, which consists of training part of your workers in the methodology and guaranteeing they know what Lean 6 Sigma is all about and handle future projects. For individuals, we are more focused on providing training and certifications to guarantee they are able to obtain the benefits that come from knowing how to work with Sigma and offer services around it. Therefore, the only thing you need to do is to determine your situation and goals with 6 Sigma, let us know how we can help you, or just choose one of our services available throughout the state:

Lean Six Sigma Consulting.

Our consultants can integrate the methodology for you and will handle every process and responsibility. From controlling quality management to achieving the main objectives: reducing waste, eliminate variations, focus on the customer, find problems and solutions for them. However, keep in mind our LSS consultants can also provide guidance and advice only in case you need a hand during your projects or stabilize your company while implementing the methodology.

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Is Lean Six Sigma Important?

For companies and organizations, the methodology allows them to improve processes by also addressing other needs and problems. In other words, they are able to achieve more than one goal when implementing the methodology unlike other options in the same category of process improvement. LSS has proven to be more efficient and effective to obtain results and includes a continual improvement culture in any business since the method can also be used for any company regardless of its type and size.

For individuals, it is a way to learn something valuable that opens more doors and opportunities, either if they decide to work directly with Six Sigma or not. You will be able to gain value as an expert and professional, with or without a college degree, which is why it is amazing for high school students as well. At Lean Six Sigma Experts of Virginia, we will help you to accomplish all your goals and cover the needs you have around the method and all it takes is to call, email, or visit us.

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