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Being able to implement a methodology will require more than basic knowledge about it or follow the steps established in some practices. Therefore, if you are planning to work with Lean Six Sigma, make sure you are relying on consulting services. Every company and organization in Virginia is aiming for the integration of the methodology due to how effective and efficient it is. However, this can cost them a lot of money and time if they choose the wrong experts for the task. This is why it is crucial to take your time to find companies or experts specialized in Six Sigma and make sure that the ones you end up choosing are what you need and want.

Since there are many options in the state, you will not have problems finding them but rather choosing which one is the best for your situation and be able to determine if the experts have experience and are qualified for the task. At Lean Six Sigma Experts of Virginia, we are able to provide you with well-trained and qualified experts in the methodology who know what to do based on the situation and your company’s needs, not by following a manual or general strategy used in other companies.

LSS Virginia -Lean Six Sigma Consulting

But how do you know if you need experts for it or, to be more specific, LSS consultants in order to implement the methodology? After all, companies can also choose to develop talent instead of hiring it and it can end up being a better option. What is to develop talent? It is focused on training part of your workers in a company in the different levels or belts of Six Sigma but the issue with this option is that it can take a lot of time until you are finally able to integrate the methodology.

LSS training does not take too long regardless of the belt level you choose for them, but gaining experience in the area is required to be able to start and manage projects related to LSS. With that said, what makes LSS consultants better in this case? The fact that you do not need to wait too long? It is only one benefit out of many. Lean Six Sigma consultants are much better to be able to obtain the desired results in no time, work with experts who understand your needs, and even get the chance to train your workers while you also implement the methodology. In other words, they are capable of handling everything without issues.

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How Much Does A Lean Six Sigma Consultant Cost?

The main issue with consulting services can be the price. Be it for other reasons or Lean 6 Sigma, it is indeed true that hiring consultants end up being more expensive than developing talent in this case. The reason lies in the fact that consultants work according to their experience and time, which leads to high rates that not many companies are willing to pay. However, this also depends on who you end up hiring as well. You should not rely on the cheapest or consultants with the lowest rates, but you do not need to pay for the most expensive ones in the state either. In our case, we worry about being able to provide results by giving you the option to not pay a fortune for it.

This is why we have several consultants working with us and all of them manage different rates and have certain expertise and experience. You can choose one based on your budget and the level of experience you think is necessary for the methodology. We can guarantee you that all our consultants are able to achieve excellent results if they are well-prepared for the tasks at hand. If you are unable to choose one, our team and personnel will make sure to assist you in the process and let you know why that consultant—or several ones—is the best for your situation, but you are always open to choose a different one.

With this in mind, the average rates for consultants are between $300 to $2,000 per day, and some of them work per hour which tends to be cheaper for the company. Now, this is an average considering all the companies and services in the state, but we manage lower ones to ensure you can afford them.

What does Will A Lean Six Sigma Consultant do?

Implementing the methodology is only the general view of all the responsibilities that come with it. A Lean 6 Sigma consultant will be responsible for controlling quality management, ensuring the company is moving towards process improvement, and reducing all the waste and the rate of variations. The main goals of the methodology are the focus of the consultants, but they also have to make sure that problems are being solved and all your needs in the company are being properly addressed. The consultant will not only take care of LSS projects and manage them but rather make sure they are being efficient and have control over other areas of the company to ensure everything is going smoothly.

There is a lot on the plate of this professional and fortunately, the ones we can provide you at Lean Six Sigma Experts of Virginia are able to work under pressure and with different industries. Six Sigma can be used by all industries and therefore, companies, which leads consultants to have experience in different areas and fields. Ours have been working with the implementation and training of the methodology for at least 5 years and gained experience with more than 5 different industries. Besides the previous responsibilities and tasks, our consultants will also:

  • Train your workers if requested.
  • Integrate a consultant improvement culture.
  • Ensure the changes and additions are maintained and even improved.
  • Control the current processes.
  • Bring value to the company.
  • Work closely with other teams in the business to address problems, find root causes, and identify them in the first place.

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