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People in Arlington that are trying to find better job positions, add value to their curriculums, or just have more opportunities, will usually rely on learning new skills and acquire more knowledge in an area to be more valuable, and one of the best options out there is to get trained in Lean Six Sigma. This process improvement methodology is the most used and popular one among companies and businesses of all industries, and the main reason lies in how it helps them to address needs, problems, and objectives based on improvement but also growth. Usually, process improvement methodologies have a specific focus.

A great example of this includes Lean Six Sigma since it was created from other two methodologies, Lean and 6 Sigma. When we take one of these two methods, Lean for example, you will notice it is only focused on reducing waste and with this, help to improve processes, while Six Sigma is for eliminating variations more than anything else. However, LSS is a complete set of objectives since it not only takes the waste reduction and eliminating waste goals but also focuses on finding problems, root causes, and solutions for them.

LSS Virginia - Arlington-VA

In other words, companies are able to address more than one aspect in their structure to ensure they are moving forward and bringing improvement to processes but other areas as well. But what does it take to implement Six Sigma in a company? Well-trained and experienced professionals who know how to handle projects and create a strategy based on the company’s needs and goals with the methodology. At Lean Six Sigma Experts of Virginia, we are able to help you in implementing the methodology thanks to our consultants who will be in charge of the entire project and guarantee the desired results.

But besides being the company you need for integration, we can also offer other services:

  • Lean Six Sigma training.
  • Lean Six Sigma certification.
  • Lean Six Sigma for high school students.
  • Yellow, green, and black belt.

Consulting services are our main solution since most of our clients in Arlington request it, but we are always open to receiving other requests for the services above or specific needs based on the company or person that reaches out to us.

Why Choose Our Experts

Because we have been in the business for over a decade and implementing Six Sigma is not a problem for us, but what really differences us from others is the rates, experience, and availability. Our services can be accessed online or in-person, which means you can get our experts to help you with anything without issues. With that said, our consulting services consist of several consultants, which means you can choose one or several ones based on their rates and experience in the methodology.

This gives you the freedom to have a budget for the project and cover your needs, and still have experienced professionals handling the implementation or providing you with advice and guidance. For more information about our services and our company, make sure to contact us anytime or have a look at our website.

There are so many areas or regions where we offer these services with most of them being cities.

However, if you need any of these services, you need to contact us. The list below comprises the areas where we offer these services.