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Companies and organizations in Portsmouth have more than one goal in common if we consider growth and improvement to be the main ones. However, another thing they share is how they want to accomplish these goals: by implementing Lean Six Sigma. Six Sigma is a process improvement methodology that was created to compete with the Japanese Kaizen method and since the 80s it has allowed companies to improve processes but also focus on problems and find solutions to them.

More common methodologies tend to aim for a specific area and issue in the business, which makes them valuable but also lacks in objectives companies can achieve. When it comes to Lean 6 Sigma, you are capable of going for the main goal while also being able to address other needs, like reducing waste, eliminating variations, and focusing on the customer.

LSS Virginia - Portsmouth-VA

It is true that LSS was initially created for the first two, eliminate waste and variations, but being able to integrate this along with problem-solving and customer satisfaction is a great issue and has been the key for businesses to stay competitive in the industry. And here is the best part about the methodology: you can implement it in any type of company without worrying about its size either. This is why businesses in Portsmouth and the USA decide to integrate Six Sigma and, in the short and long run, it always ends up being more efficient and less time-consuming.

However, keep in mind that if you want to obtain the desired results, you will need to work with qualified experts and choose from two options—as a company—:

  • Develop talent by training part of your workers in the different belt levels.
  • Hire talent by relying on LSS consultants with experience but might be more expensive.

In either case, our company Lean Six Sigma Experts of Virginia can provide you with the solution. We have been in businesses for over a decade and we are focused on providing the right services for the right needs and goals. Therefore, if you are trying to integrate LSS into your business or get trained as part of your personal goal and work with Sigma, you can rely on us.

Why Invest in Lean Six Sigma

Besides being a quite efficient and effective methodology, it is also a great opportunity for any individual to boost their personal growth. Being an expert in 6 Sigma involves developing valuable skills and learning a lot about teamwork, brainstorming, data collecting, customer service, and much more. In the end, all that knowledge and skills can be used in other areas and job positions, not only those related to the methodology.

However, if you decide to get trained and invest in an LSS certification to work as an expert in it, the benefits are indeed much more compared to using it as a way to add value to your curriculum only. We know you will not regret the investment and since it does not take too long to complete training—a month at most for the last belt we offer—, you are going to have your certification in no time.

There are so many areas or regions where we offer these services with most of them being cities.

However, if you need any of these services, you need to contact us. The list below comprises the areas where we offer these services.