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What do companies and organizations do to stay relevant and continue improving? They focus on their problems and needs by implementing the right strategies and methodologies. One they usually decide to use in Newport News is Lean Six Sigma due to the objectives it establishes. Unlike other methodologies, Lean 6 Sigma allows companies to improve processes by eliminating waste, reducing the rate of variations, focusing on the customer, solving problems, and bringing changes, all at once instead of going over one and then another.

The usual structure of a methodology consists of one goal. The two methodologies that form LSS are a great example since Lean—the first one—only aims for the reduction of waste while Six Sigma—the second—aims to eliminate variations and some problem-solving. However, you will need to implement both of them simultaneously if you want to take your company and ensure it is focusing on both goals, but when you have a complete one such as Lean 6 Sigma and, additionally, the method itself provides more tools and goals, there is no need to do so.

LSS Virginia - Newport-News-VA

Implementing one methodology is less expensive, time-consuming and, in this case, you will achieve better results. All it takes is to find capable experts to start projects around it or prepare your workers to understand and implement Sigma. Which one of the options is the best? It will depend on how much time and budget you have and the results you are expecting:

  • If you have time to spare, invest in developing experts to ensure you have your personal and own team. However, if you need results in no time and make sure everything will go well, you should choose LSS consultants.
  • Consultants tend to be more expensive, but they are able to handle all processes and tasks. Developing talent saves money but you will have to wait months and without a specific guarantee of your workers having enough experience.

It is a matter of going for the one you believe is more convenient for the results and expectations you have and whatever you choose, our role at Lean Six Sigma Experts of Virginia is to provide you with the service.

What Do We Do for You?

We are a company focused on providing training, consulting, and LSS certification services to ensure you are covering your needs and goals with the methodology. Focusing on the previous aspects, we have consultants ready to work with you or trainers willing to prepare your workers properly to know how to implement Six Sigma. For it, we have made sure to offer the services online and continue with the in-person option in just a few cases—for now.

Therefore, expect us to be who you need to get trained, certified in any of the belts in Six Sigma, provide guidance, or just handle the entire process for you and guarantee outstanding results. Let us know if you need and want our services in Newport News and we will be there for you.

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