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Bringing improvement to a company will require a lot of work and experts who are capable to find solutions and alternatives to the problems present that are bringing in efficiency. Right now, in Petersburg, the experts required are usually those specialized in Lean Six Sigma. Therefore, if you are someone trying to add value to a curriculum, learn something valuable that can open more work opportunities, or develop skills that are worth your time and efforts, you might want to consider getting trained in the methodology.

Despite not being the only one for process improvement, Six Sigma has proven to be the top one when it comes to it and the reasons lie in how it helps to reduce waste, the rate of variations, defects, and guarantee the company works for the client. Of course, other objectives and aspects are addressed and aimed during the implementation but you will have the previous ones as the main focus.

LSS Virginia - Petersburg VA

With this in mind, getting LSS training does not take too long despite what many people think, which means you can complete it in less than a month—or 5 weeks at most—depending on the belt or level you choose to get trained in. Lean 6 Sigma is divided into levels where each one represents the expertise and knowledge of the individual and the roles he or she can fulfill.

At Lean Six Sigma Experts of Virginia, we give our clients the opportunity to get trained in any belt that suits them the most. Therefore, expect to access the main ones: yellow, green, and black. Along with training, we are one of the few companies in Petersburg and the state that is able to issue LSS certifications. Therefore, whenever you get your training done, you will opt for the certification in the corresponding level and access it if you pass the required exam.

Is It Worth Getting Lean Six Sigma Training?

First, the training itself is not expensive and you will find it to be a good investment. It is not super cheap, but quite affordable for most individuals. With this in mind, you can move on to dedicating time to the methodology without worrying about the money but, is it worth it? Lean Six Sigma helps you to develop skills that can be used in other areas and aspects of your life and several job positions you might apply to can be accessible if you decide to add this methodology to the knowledge you have acquired over the years.

In short, yes, it is worth getting trained in any of the belts despite having fewer benefits in the initial ones but still getting common benefits:

  • More career options.
  • Better salary.
  • Work opportunities.
  • Applicability for all industries.
  • Better job positions.
  • Gain experience in quality management and process improvement.
  • Work in leadership roles or be involved with projects to a certain degree.
  • Be valuable for any company.

All it takes is to choose an LSS belt and if the training you want will be online or in-person. Lean Six Sigma Experts of Virginia adjusts to your needs and goals.

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